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Our newly redesigned and improved Jantz Hollow Grinding Fixture allows you to grind straight or recurved blades quickly and accurately with your 2" wide belt grinder (some adjustments may be necessary to fit your machinery). To use, simply replace your work rest with the angle bracket, set your initial grinding increme . Blacksmith Tools Blacksmith Projects Metal Working Tools .

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The TW-90 is built from the ground up for knife makers and master bladesmiths. The TW90 is a combination grinder that can be easily switched between the vertical and horizontal position. Not only that but it comes with a wide and useful variety of tool rests/grinding tables that can be interchanged and adjusted easily for -angle grinding . Chat Online; knife hollow grinding .

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Each J W Bensinger custom knife begins as a bar of the appropriate alloy, which is then forged to the desired shape-allowing better and more economical use of the material, and more variety in shape and balance than can easily be accomplished otherwise. after initial grinding they are then either differential hardened (giving a soft spine and hard edge) or through hardened and .

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17/08/2013 · Here are a few snap shots where you can see how I go about hollow grinding sword blades. I use a KMG grinder and has made a simple set up with a garden hose, and a high pressure nozzle spraying tap water as a cone directly where the blade touches the wheel. This gives me several benefits: very thin edges can be ground without danger of over heating. I can .

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06/06/2012 · High end grinders often have several platen types that can be swapped in for specialized grinding (such as hollow grinding). What Not to Buy. Let's just get this out of the way: you don't want a woodworking belt sander. Generally: They are underpowered. Surprisingly so. They don't have platens that are all that flat.

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09/11/2017 · What is a simple (but efficient) design for a home made hollow grinding Jig. I have a belt linisher and angle grinder as well as a dremel but will seriously consider all options. Regards, Neville Nov 8, 2017 #2. JTknives Blade Heat Treating Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider. 8,166. Jun 11, 2006. This is the jig i use, everyone has a set .

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Vlakvark Forge offers a blade grinding service for Bladesmiths who do not have the necessary grinding equipment or who do not yet have the confidence to grind their blade. We will only grind blades we have heat treated and that have not been pre-ground -ie we cannot "finish" a blade where you have already started to grind the bevels. We offer Flat, Scandi and Hollow grinding.

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25/10/2003 · I've been collecting custom knives for about three years and I've noticed something in the knife world that has made me curious. I have yet to see a...

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